This is a typical recipe that my granddad, born in an italian region called Veneto, used to eat when he was a child, in the period of the war, and it's made with cheap ingredients.
For this recipe you'll need:
-2 eels
-Some onions
-Some cloves of garlic.
-One leaf of laurel
-White corn flour
-One lemon
Cut eels in small pieces, then cover the pieces with the flour and fry them in a pan with some oil. Then cut the onions, the garlic and put them into a pot, add some vinegar, pepper and salt and boil it all. Put into a glass container to fried pieces of eel, add the lemon peel, the laurel, the hot vinegar, and let it for a few days.

Then boil some water in a pot and then add the white corn flour and mix it until it's cooked.
My granddad used to eat this dish during the christmas time with his family.

Sofia Pozzini 1DL


Wheat flour type "00"
Borlotti bean
Vanilla flavoring
I remember that this summer there have been a couple of facts related to the Borlotti biscuits.

The first happened in late July when my relatives from Benevento came to visit us.
My uncle wanted a souvenir to take to relatives who had remained at home, and we suggested to try precisely those cookies. In fact the day before their departure, we had dinner together and we ate Borlotti biscuits. Even that my uncle had promised not to open the box until he got home.
The second happened in mid-August while I was on holiday on Garda Lake.
As soon as we reached the farm we stayed in, we sat on the bed and opened the box of cookies, as celebration. We opened the bedroom door to let in some air and the dog of the owners of the farm wanted to visit us, or rather, he wanted to visit the cookies. I remember that it ran throughout the room and stared at us as soon as we mentioned eating another cookie. Several times he tried to jump to catch them on the fly. But in the end he didn't eat them.

Rebecca Cofrancesco 1DL


The dish that looks like me is "shrimp in cocktail sauce", because I'm good like a shrimp and I retrace my steps. The sauce represent my spicy character, it is tasty and a bit crazy and eventually parsley gives a touch of touchiness which is good. Obviously do not overdose with the sauce because if you exaggerate then the delicate flavor of the shrimp disappears and then the dish flavor changes. We must not remove the sauce beacuse a person who is too sweet and tender after a while becomes boring, so even the  touchiness, insanity and pungent character serve in the composition, in practice it is or sweet and kind or touchy and funny. We must also add that you should be very, very, very careful with the shells, which are the concerns, stubborness, a bit selfhishness and slighty poisonous comments. You should never overdose the salt, which is bad mood, because if there is too much salt everybody would react and think "Oh my God, There is too much salt, i can't eat it!" I think my character is a perfect balance of shrimp, honey, sauce, sympathy, parsley and a little salt.

Rebecca Piselli 1DL


For a pizza diameter 34 cm
brewer's yeast
olive oil
olive oil

As we all know, Italy is one of the countries where food is an important culture.
Some of our recipes are famous all over the world, but the best known is certainly the pizza.
Who does not love pizza ?!
Recipe extremely simple and unexpensive yet delicious.
The first pizza that was prepared was the pizza margherita. Tomato and mozzarella.
I do not know if it was done on purpose but with basil takes over the colors green, white and red; the colors of our flag.
It is beautiful for those who, like me, are proud of their country, to know that food is a much loved abroad. Many Italians despise Italy, but I think that other countries love us instead. They love our culture, our art, our history, our food ...
The pizza reminds me that I'm Italian, I remember that I love my country, I remember how beautiful is our Italy!
But not only pizza, also spaghetti, Parmesan cheese, olive oil, lasagna, Parmesan ...
Each region has its tradition linked to food. The pizza, however, Neapolitan specialty, is the recipe that best represents this country.
How to forget the evenings in the pizzeria, the slices taken afternoons outside home, family evenings ...
It is a tradition that will never abandon us and we stand out for the good things we have in this wonderful country, Italy.

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